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Each individually designed item will incur a $45 creation fee. For multiple items booked for a single event (such as backdrops, floor wraps, treats, menus, etc.), there is a $75 event fee that includes up to 5 designs. Any additional items will have an extra $5 fee each. These rates are non-negotiable. Additionally, any item that requires contour cutting will incur an additional $10 fee.

Please utilize this page as a comprehensive menu for placing orders. Should you require an item not listed, please contact me directly for a personalized quote. Most items qualify for complimentary shipping via FedEx. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. These represent the most commonly requested items from The Party Method. 



Starting at $40

Backdrops are printed on 13oz vinyl material. They come with the option of grommets or a 3" pole pocket. 


Starting at $20

Printed on 180 GSM weight poster paper.


Starting at $70

This vinyl is designed for easy application on various surfaces like concrete, wood, short carpet, tile, and more. It has a maximum width of 52 inches, and for larger designs, it's split into separate strips with a 1-inch overlay for seamless layering during application.
We do offer custom shape cuts at additional cost.


Starting at $22

Our handheld prints are crafted on high-quality professional-grade cardstock, featuring a glossy finish. You have the choice of single or double-sided printing, with no extra charges. Additionally, we offer custom sizes starting from 4"x4", albeit with an additional cost. Explore our set pricing for bundles containing our most commonly requested sizes.


Starting at $85

Our props are printed on durable corrugated plastic, the same material used for yard signs, and they're custom-cut to your preferred shape. You have the flexibility to choose single or double-sided printing. Our standard sheet size is 4ftx8ft, and we collaborate directly with you to determine the ideal size and style for your needs. Typical tabletop props range from 12" to 20" in height, and you can fit approximately 12 to 16 props per sheet, depending on their size and shape. Larger props exceeding 30" may incur a shipping fee based on their size. For items over 3ft there is a $75 shipping fee, and they will arrived scored and folded.. Please note that the material cannot be cut smaller than 4"x6" in size.

Price-wise, single-sided props start at $85 per sheet, and if you want them double-sided, it's $95. There is an additional $10 fee for contour cutting. This is for printing only. Any design work will incur additional fees starting at a base rate of $20. 

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